0704-5044 WAGO Interface module for system wiring, Sąsajos modulis

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    Kodas: 0704-5044
    Kaina 160  be PVM
    (193 60  su PVM)
    Likutis: 2 vnt.
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  • Interface module for system wiring; Pluggable connector per DIN 41651; Male connector; 20-pole; 16-channel relay output; 1 changeover contact; Triple-deck PCB terminal blocks; with manual operation; in mounting carrier; 2,50 mm² 

    Inputs/outputs 16-channel relay output
    Nominal operating voltage DC 24 V
    Operating voltage range ±10 %
    Number of changeover/switchover contacts 1
    Limiting continuous current 5 A
    Switching voltage (max.) AC 250 V; DC 48 V
    Switching power (resistive) (max.) AC 1250 VA; DC 50 W
    Mechanical life 10 x 106 switching operations
    Status indicator Green LED (channel)
    Yellow LED (power supply)
    Internal fuse Supply: 1 A; Relay output: -
    WAGO Basic Relay 857-152
    Specialty functions with manual operation 

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