750-453 4-channel analog input; 0 … 20 mA; Single-ended, 4AI modulis

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    Kodas: 750-453
    Kaina 182  be PVM
    (220 22  su PVM)
    Likutis: 15 vnt.
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  • Number of analog inputs 4
    Total number of channels (module) 4
    Signal type Current
    Signal type (current) 0 … 20 mADC
    Sensor connection 4 x (2-wire)
    Input voltage (max.) 32 V
    Signal characteristic Single-ended
    Resolution [bit] 12bits
    Input resistance (max.) 100Ω
    Data width 4 x 16-bit data; 4 x 8-bit control/status (optional)
    Conversion time (typ.) 10ms
    Measurement error (reference temperature) 25°C
    Measurement error – deviation (max.) from the upper-range value 0.1%
    Temperature error (max.) of the upper-range value 0.01%/K
    Supply voltage (system) 5 VDC; via data contacts
    Power consumption (5 V system supply) 65mA
    Supply voltage (field) 24 VDC (-25 … +30 %); via power jumper contacts (power supply via blade contact; transmission via spring contact)
    Isolation 500 V system/field
    Number of incoming power jumper contacts 2
    Number of outgoing power jumper contacts 2