Atminties kortelė C-PLUG Siemens

  • Kraunamos nuotraukos
    Kodas: 6GK19000AB00
    Kaina 30  be PVM
    (36 30  su PVM)
    Likutis: 5 vnt.
    Į krepšelį 
  • C-PLUG, removable data storage medium for simple device replacement in case of fault, for recording configuration or configuration and application data, can be used in the following SIMATIC NET products with C-PLUG slot: SCALANCE X-200, X-300, X-400, S-600, CP443-1Advanced, CP343-1Advanced, CP343-1 ERPC, IE/PB-Link PNIO, IE/AS-i Link PNIO, DP/AS-i Link Advanced