BWU1939 ASi Safety Input Module, IP20, 1SI/2O

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    Kodas: BWU1939
    Kaina 86  be PVM
    (104 06  su PVM)
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  • ASi Safety Input Module in IP20, 22,5 mm x 50 mm, with 3 x COMBICON connections, 1 x 2 channels safe input (SIL 3, cat. 4) for floating contacts, 2 digital outputs, input voltage/sensor supply out of ASi, output voltage/actuator supply out of AUX, periphery connection via clamps, length of connector cable max. 15 m for inputs and outputs, ASi connection via clamps, 1 single address 

    Type IP20, 22,5 mm x 50 mm, 3 x COMBICON, Safety
    Housing 3 x COMBICON
    Protection rating IP20
    Inputs Safety, SIL 3, Cat. 4 1 x 2 channels
    Inputs digital, EDM -
    Outputs Safety, SIL 3, cat. 4 -
    Outputs digital 2 x electronic
    Safety signal inputs floating contacts
    Input voltage (sensor supply) out of ASi
    Output voltage (actuator supply) out of AUX
    Length of connector cable I/O: max. 15 m
    PCB connection -
    Connection clamps
    M8/M12 wiring -
    Round cable -
    ASi connection clamps
    ASi address 1 Single address