Jungtis Murr Elektronik 7000-40021-6140050 0,5m

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    Kodas: 7000-40021-6140050
    Kaina 1150 be PVM
    (13 92  su PVM)
    Likutis: 13 vnt.
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  • Connection side A M12 plug, straight

    Connection side B M12 socket, straight

    Cable length 0.50 m

    Jacket material PVC

    Nominal voltage 300 V AC

    Nominal current 4 A
    Nominal current - rounded value 4 A

    Outside Ø 5.0 mm

    Cross-section (sensor/actuator wiring) 0.34 mm²

    Thread type (wiring and installation) M12
    Cable colour Black
    Coding A

    IP rating IP65, IP66K, IP67 (when connected)
    Min. temperature -30 °C
    Max. temperature +80 °C
    Content 1 pc(s)
    Manufacturer part # 7000-40021-6140050
    Type Murr Elektronik
    Cable Ø 5.0 mm
    Product type Sensor/actuator connector (pre-fab)  


    Design: 40021
    Wire number/cross-section: 4× 0.34 mm²
    Wire insulation: PVC (br, ws, bl, sw)
    Bending radius (moving): 10× Outer Ø
    Temperature range (moving): -5...+80 °C
    Cable identification: 614
    Cable weight [g/m]: 40,70
    Material (conductor): CU-strand, blank
    resistance (conductor): Max. 60 Ω/km (20 °C)
    Wire Ø
    size: 0,15 mm (AWG×) (conductor): 15 mm (conductor): AWG
    (conductor) (conductor): Similar AWG 22
    material (wire insulation): PVC
    wire-Ø incl. insulation: 1.25 mm ±5%
    wire color/numbering: br, sw, bl, ws
    twisted-pair: 4 wires stranded
    Shielding: no
    chemical resistance: Good oil, petrol and chemical resistance
    Thermal resistance: Flame-resistant according to UL 1581 VW1 / CSA FT1
    Test voltage: 2000 V AC
    bending radius (fixed): 5× Outer-Ø
    Rated voltage: 2.5 kV
    Locking of the slots: Screw thread (M12×1 mm) recommended tightening torque 0.6 Nm, self-locking
    material (locking): Zinc die-cast, matt nickel-plated
    pollution degree: 3 

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