Potenciometrinė liniuotė PA1-F-150-S01M-XL0113 0000X000X00

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    Kodas: F006101
    Kaina 130  be PVM
    (157 30  su PVM)
    Likutis: 1 vnt.
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  • 150mm eigos potenciometrinė liniuotė

    Mechanical linkage using joint with take-up of play, M4 thread
    Independent linearity up to ± 0.05%
    Infinite resolution
    No variation of electrical signal outside theoretical electrical stroke
    Displacement speed up to 5 m/s
    Working temperature: -30...+100°C
    Electrical connections:
    PA1 F 3 wire 1 m screened cable
    PA1 C 5 pole connector 1 m (DIN 43322)
    Life duration: > 100x106 operations (within C.E.U.)
    Grade of protection IP40 

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